Justin Preston, 20. I live in a small town in Ontario, Canada. ♥ JOIN my movement on Facebook called Rise Against Bullying.

You can be whoever you want to be, don't listen to those that say you'll never be anything in life because you can be a STAR, just believe in yourself ♥
Bio: I'm always here for anyone that needs somebody to speak with, you're NOT alone if we STAND together.
It's not about being so popular or being rich, it's about loving those that need some love and show each other that were just a huge family and we should just love each other for who we are because we only live life once ♥
I take a huge stand to equality, everyone should be respected the same and not to judge one another but to accept each other. It's so great knowing HOW many of YOU amazing people are taking a stand to bullying, my arms are open to all ♥;